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Is now the time to update your resume?

One of the most challenging tasks job seekers and career changers face is feeling confident with their current resume and LinkedIn profile. Many of you may be laid off, furloughed or realizing that you truly are in the wrong role, organization or team. Take advantage of this unprecedented time to redesign your career assets. We realize now, more than ever, that our time is precious. You may not be job searching today, but it’s critical to be prepared for the future. 

Often we undersell or undercut our accomplishments and leave out critical skills and abilities that can make or break how we are perceived by recruiters or hiring managers. Even if you get a connection on a referral, you will most likely be asked for your resume, and you want to bet you will most likely be looked up on LinkedIn. Discover options available below. 

If you are clear that in the coming months you will be desiring to make a  professional change, now is a great time to get your resume and LinkedIn profile in shape.

  • Learn a formula to position resumes to specific job descriptions.
  • Lead with a professional summary that speaks to your expertise.
  • Be able to use language that showcases leadership and management ability.
  • Articulate tangible results you created to show increased value to an organization.
  • Use the most up to date resume and LinkedIn formatting preferred by hiring managers and recruiters.

Take advantage of  SoundChange Resume and LinkedIn Consulting Services.

You’ll get a comprehensive call with Stephanie Licata, career coach and consultant and founder of SoundChange Career Coaching.  Gain valuable confidence and motivation to make your next career move. Schedule a FREE consultation  by clicking HERE. 

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Resume & LinkedIn Consulting and Editing

Cost: $350

  • One 30 minute consultation call
  • One follow up call (15-30 minutes as needed)
  • Fully edited and formatted Resume & LinkedIn overhaul guide

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Resume Edit Only

Cost: $250

  • One 30 minute call
  • For people that need resume tweaking and format overhauls
  • Fully edited Resume