More Client Success Stories

I went to Stephanie needing some serious guidance in assessing my current job and overall career situation while also wanting to start a side business. . I was overwhelmed with wanting to do so much all at the same time. When I first met Stephanie, I immediately felt comfortable as she is very professional and at the same time I felt like I was talking to a friend that I’ve known for years. I gained clarity on the specific career items I needed and realized I needed to take a step back before making any quick decisions. Stephanie guided me into updating my LinkedIn account of which since then, my ranking has increased and I’ve had recruiters reaching out to me on a weekly basis.

Stephanie’s guidance didn’t help me make the right career decision, it helped me make the smart career decision. She was very thorough and always has great analogies to help break down her viewpoints. She was tough (in a good way!) when I needed it and I always thanked her during those times. I highly recommend Stephanie for anyone who is thinking about make wise career shift!”


Global Project Manager

“Working with Stephanie was a very enjoyable experience. While she is very knowledgeable and professional, at times I felt as if I was talking to a good friend. Stephanie has great advice for various aspects of career planning but also has great metaphors and tips to get you back on track when you start to have thoughts of worry and doubt. I had a hard time finding my path but Stephanie helped me get there and I am now looking forward to this new transition. If you need help finding your path, Stephanie has the tools and the know-how to assist you in your search and I highly recommend her as your new career coach.”


Research & Education Professional

“Working with Stephanie was an absolute joy. Her rich experience in the worlds of both business and education make her an exceptionally skilled career transition coach, and her input and feedback have been invaluable in helping me move forward on my new path. During our focused, inquiry-driven sessions, she listened deeply and asked pointed questions which helped me find the focus I needed. We crafted a beautiful new resume together (which was no easy task since I hadn’t written one in 26 years).

Stephanie’s empathy, intelligence, and resourcefulness made our time together so worthwhile. Without her help, I wouldn’t have developed the much-needed clarity I now have about my work life. I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking a very high level of quality career coaching.”



“Out of the experience of working with Stephanie, I secured employment with a salary increase of almost 23%! Now that’s a hard fact. That surely wasn’t my original goal. I didn’t necessarily need a career change but surely needed advancement and a change of scenery. I received all of that and more. After 30 years of employment it was a daunting outlook on where to go and more importantly where to start. In today’s market my age was against me and as I found out the way an applicant projects themselves in the job market also changed considerably.

Stephanie was able to mirror back to me my job skills, abilities and experience that I had taken for granted and struggled to position as marketable. That alone boosted my confidence. Stephanie also saw how outdated my resume had been and rewrote that into an updated and most professional resume as one of our sessions. That alone was worth the investment!

As strong as a leader as I thought I was, I was very comfortable in my position and the thought of starting out new was quite overwhelming. Stephanie’s experience as a job coach was indispensable. I know that I would still be looking and frustrated with the process if I continued to work through the job change process on my own. Her encouragement and support assisted me in taking each new step. It allowed me to work on one piece of the process at a time knowing that Stephanie was walking me through at the pace I needed to work that was comfortable for me.

I felt through the entire process that Stephanie was listening to what I had to say, to my fears and yet she knew the perfect time to challenge me or at the very least how to ask the questions for me to overcome the challenges. Right before my interview she asked me pertinent questions and we were able to role play. Though it felt awkward it surely made a difference in the success of my interview!
The most important and significant aspect of this entire process was having a mentor who was available and cared about what I was going through. She’s been there and understands the pitfalls and disappointments of this process. She is there with suggestions, multiple user friendly resources, ideas and support for your determination to keep you motivated through out the process!”


Nonprofit Director