Today as I write this I celebrate 730 days of winning.

Traurige Frau weint Träne730 days ago the relationship I thought would be my “happy ending” ended. There was no warning or incident, it was just over. A few weeks after that it became apparent it was time to leave my 10 year career in education. 730 days ago my plan was to relocate to Connecticut to be with my then boyfriend. I’d finish grad school and do my coaching and consulting on the side. I’d have a partner and have become an instant step-mom. I was pysched.

And then it all changed. No 30 days notice. No “hey prepare for your life to totally take a different path and it’s going to totally take everything you’ve got.”

These 730 days have been filled with many peaks and valleys. I left my job, completed my Masters, cried a lot, tried Tinder, cried some more, celebrated with friends, took  my coaching and consulting work full time, ran a 5K at midnight in Central Park on New Year’s Eve, started a non-profit girls leadership organization, got OkStupid…oh I mean tried OkCupid, lost 30 lbs, smiled at a lot of inspiring quotes, snarled at a lot of inspiring quotes….oh ok you get it.

So as much as we humans hate change, we know in our minds that it’s the only thing we can for sure expect. So here’s 5 ways change doesn’t have to land you in bed for days. Expected or unexpected, you got this.

growth1. It calls forth your inner super hero. Surprise! You will now find powers you didn’t know you had. You’ll be able to simulate an amazing raze contestants ability to navigate through challenges. You’ll feel like some days you can’t move, and other days you will be sure you can fly.

2. It introduces you to people that will rock your world. I can’t even begin to tell you the kind, influential, game changing people I’ve gotten to interact with. From dates to clients to random strangers, it’s been an incredible cast of characters. Some were just passing through and some remain, but had it not been for these changes, I would have never come across some pretty awesome human beings.

3. It forces you to deal with that “thing. You know — that BIG issue you always think is handled. It’s usually something simple that is underneath your entire life like a monster under the bed. Maybe it’s your fear of failure, success, or being known…Whatever it is, it’s coming back for a one-two punch but this time, you are the champion.

4. It reminds you to appreciate small things. When the world around you is crumbling, the spotlight will be on all the simple and small things that bring you joy. I know everyone is on gratitude overload, but this shift in perspective is invaluable for helping you to cultivate calm and peace.

5. It takes you to where you needed to be, but couldn’t see. Life will have it’s way with you. If you are headed in a direction that is not a natural expression of your life, it will redirect you. You will avoid misery, pitfalls, and more by appreciated what was lost.

I am such a realist but with a twist of optimism. I refuse to lie to you and give you some image of me skipping through a sunlit meadow repeating affirmations and feeling happy all the time. That is someone’s social media feed, not real life. I have had some extremely beautiful precious moments, and I have had moments of utter fear and sadness. All the while, I clung to my inner knowing that there is absolutely nothing that could get me down. I know and love the person I have become through all of these changes. I also know change will be back. This time, I’ll be stronger. What about you?

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