Jobs and cocktails…sounds like…happy hour! In 2014 it’s hard to find a person doing JUST ONE thing for money. In the land of startups, online businesses, the lure of entrepreneurship, it seems everyone has something going on this side. So just who is your career mistress? Who’s lurking “on the side?”

Our passions are NOT always what make us money, until we decide they will. When I first transitioned from marketing to education, I still had the drive to want to be involved in the business world. So what did I do? I started a personal assistant service and organized the lives of busy professional in mid-town Manhattan. As I got better at it, I hired people to take my place with all of them and made money in sleep. I was their personal chef, coach, small business consultant…..

OH WAIT that’s what I did.

different alcohol drinks setThat is what worked for ME! Don’t fall into the trap! Most coaches and self-proclaimed business experts do this over and over. They tell you what worked for THEM. Is there universal expertise on certain subjects? – OF COURSE. When careers are concerned it gets a little more individualized. In the same way one person orders up a cosmo, and another goes old school with a Manhattan (shout out to my Uncle Joe!), career change is PERSONAL. Your response and approach to any change is uniquely tied to YOUR personality, YOUR cultural upbringing, YOUR circumstances, and YOUR desires. That is what I am dying to do to! I want to stop the “Hey I can teach you to be like me!” hype! I don’t want you to be me. I want you to be you. I want YOU to express what professionally works for YOU and how it works for you.

How do we do this? Instead of teaching you a self-authored 5-step system, I teach you how to understand your own history and how you wound up with your current career. THIS DIRECTLY HELPS YOU GAIN ACCESS TO SEEING AND PLANNING FOR CAREER CHANGE. To understand how to NOT repeat a past approach, you must understand how you got there. (It’s like not dating that SAME type of guy over and over!) Is it your Mom’s dream you are living out? Did you ignore something inside yourself a long time ago and pretend it was ok? By helping you get straight about the change you want to make you can start to see new actions, adventures, and opportunities to truly do what you are MEANT to do…AND be able to pay your bills while doing it. (Keeping it real as always!). Will I give you strategies and tips that are practical about making it work? I absolutely will, but then it’s all you. YOU are the GURU!

Join me LIVE…and some awesome people!

It is very hard to make any kind of change without structure and outside support from someone NOT emotionally attached to you as a partner, friend, or parent. This is why coaches exist. We are that guide on the side (did I just say that?). There is a lot of people running around claiming to be coaches so check for actual creds and study of human behavior before you sign on the dotted line! (i.e. a coach is not just a positive person with a lot of “life experience!”…thats like taking your dog to a vet that isn’t trained and just “has a passion for animals.”)



I’ve gathered a group of fabulous career changers and business owners representing all different industries and backgrounds to share their stories WHILE we empower you to create your own career change path. My NYC and surrounding area people, please consider saving the date of Monday evening October 20th, 2014 from, 7-9:30 PM at Grind on 39th and broadway in midtown Manhattan. Our guest speaker will be Amanda Steinberg, founder of Daily Worth. She’ll give you some straight talk about finances, helping you to  leverage your knowledge as your most powerful career change weapon! Best of all, we feed you more than trail mix and a mini bottle of water. Join us for light fare, incredibly valuable content you can start applying to your career desires now and yes, by gosh there will be shopping. (check out one of our event sponsors AprilMarin Custom!).

Tickets go on sale MONDAY 9/22/14

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