…without thinking!!

Wait a minute, isn’t this woman all about doing what you love? Yes. She is. I am. We are.

Stephanie Licata, Career Coach

Stephanie Licata, Career Coach

Last night I had the extraordinary opportunity to attend a women’s network event directed by my friend Jenny Powers. Jenny is a dynamo and Running with Heels is an incredible aggregator of fabulous women in one room with some good eats! The guest speaker was the totally brilliant rock star entrepreneur, speaker, author, and women who actually knows her stuff (as opposed to a LOT of OTHER motivational speakers!) Jen Groover, creator of the Butler Bag and author of What If? & Why Not?.


As we jumped from table to table speed dating style I met fabulous women, some entrepreneurs, some not, and I shared the concept behind Sound Change Career Coaching. I knew I had finally tapped into something when a super smart fashion entrepreneur said “I could be a case study! It always takes more time. It always costs more money.”


Sound Change is committed toe EDUCATING people on what it actually takes to change careers…especially if entrepreneurship is in your future. You’ve seen stories of people who said “take this job and shove it” and then miraculously they are selling their “expert course” for $97. Stop the insanity Susan Powter (for those of you who remember!). There is a part of their story that is MISSING. I swear.


Am I trying to rain on your parade? NO! Don’t you love to love and hate that friend that tells it to you straight? That is me I am committed to dramatically increasing the amount o professionally expressed people on the planet. I am UNWAVERING about you doing that taking CALCULATED INFORMED RISKS!


One (of many things) that Jen Groover nailed was about not taking expert advice from someone who hasn’t already excelled in their field and accomplished something you are out to conquer. I am going to give you a few reasons not to go run and quit your job but do not get “LISTACLED”

“LISTACLED” – The act of being fooled that a “Top 5 tips” blog will change your life. 


career changesUnless you are independently wealthy (and if you are hit me up) quitting your job on a whim or to “do what you love” WITHOUT SOME PLANNING or forethought is just a recipe for disaster. Think about it. A change requires your BEST energy, your BEST thinking. If you are doing something on impulse without considering the reality of the road ahead you have just set yourself up for heartache, stress, and a whole lot of money headaches. I researched and planned my exit from my 10 year career in education for over 3 years. It included getting an advanced degree from a notable university. I knew if I wanted to write, speak, consult, I was going to need a little bit more to get me in the door. I also knew that my “hunches” about life and how the world work needed a little confirmation. What did I learn? I was right about a lot of stuff, but now I actually had the research about people, psychology, organizations, change, and more to prove it and speak from an informed place rather than JUST intuition. (and I LOVE intuition — it’s amazing — but people’s lives are at stake, I had to go legit)

Manifesting is just HALF the game. Visualize! See it all! But be prepared to WORK. The visualization helps to paint the picture. the belief helps to inject the chutzpah, and the work to make a career change is real. It’s POSSIBLE but it’s real. Can you do it? ABSOLUTELY. I am one of the most fierce believers in the power of the human spirit to change ANYTHING by function of their choice and a little elbow grease. Know that your books, journals, and craft supplies are the BEGINNING. Then you just have to actually show up and kick it into high gear.

You can’t do it alone. I am busting my butt doing a LOT of things other than Sound Change to make sure this baby works. I also could never do it alone. I invested in coaches and consultants that KNEW THEIR STUFF and am lucky to have crazy amazing mentors and friends that have energized me along the path. Your network of people is your tribe. If a career change is something you are longing for, start scrolling through your contacts and ask yourself “Who has my back?” We are a little older now. We just don’t have time for BS. Surround yourself with people who illicit your greatness and then start planning.

I didn’t start Sound Change to take people’s money without doing my homework first (and walking the walk!). I started Sound Change to provide a valuable service to incredible human beings. But of course, I have to keep the lights on so I am smart about it. If you are considering a job change and want to invest in what is possible, check out the ways you can work with me here. Your call. Let’s rock people.