How exciting is this? When you love what you do, you just can’t help but invent new things to help people. So what the heck is Sound Change and isn’t everyone on the Internet claiming to be a coach?

Well first – YES. It takes about 100 bucks and 20 minutes to call yourself a coach in the good old US of A. This land of opportunity is one that can be fabulous…and at times crazy!

Sound Change is merely the name of a coaching brand that now belongs to some woman you probably have never heard of. Its mission is to dramatically increase the number of professionally self-expressed humans on the planet. We do this through coaching (actual coaching not just “feel good talk” or “positive thinking”) events, thought provoking content, and engaging with awesome human beings. We hate cookie cutter. We do SMART and SOUND change (i.e. not quitting your job without thinking when you have 2 kids and a mortgage because you were “in the moment”). We believe there are no gurus. Sound change exists on the premise that YOU are the guru of your life.

Why do you know anything about career changes?

Stephanie Licata, Career Coach

Stephanie Licata, Career Coach

Why do I know anything about career changes? I successfully navigated 2 career changes, once in my 20’s (from marketing to education) and one in my 30’s (from education to full time coaching and consulting and started an NPO). As a professional coach for the past several years, MOST of my one-on-one clients wound up being career-coaching clients. I listened and learned a lot and designed ways to help all different kinds of people to HELP THEMSELVES!

I LOVE what I do! I get to empower and mentor young women through the non-profit I co-founded with one of my former students over at Get Smart Mentoring. I get to consult companies in a wide areas of subjects like marketing, leadership, organizational change through my private consulting work, and I get to motivate individuals to plan smart and sound career change from any stage of the game with you fine people.

All this and I get to have friends, family, live on the Hudson River, and have a live overflowing with fabulous people? Come on, how lucky can one woman get? Now hold up a minute. Before you go thinking I have it made – I AM HUMAN. I get scared! I didn’t WAKE up to this. Anyone who tells you they manifested their entire career through meditation and lovely thoughts is lying or not making enough money to support themselves. 

I am sorry but that’s what I believe and I love me a good morning meditation or journaling session! I vision board! I reflect! I do, I promise. A career, a business, and professional expression that is worth anything takes HARD work to START and CREATE. And you can’t delegate stuff out to other people until you know what the HECK it is you have to do.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur like me. 

white bird among black

It’s good to be a little different!

You are youand that is frankly amazing. Aren’t you in awe of the shear uniqueness of human beings? There is no one else exactly like you. I am not going to try to impose my “top 5 steps of how to change your career in 10 minutes” on you. I want you to do YOU. I’m smart. I worked my butt off to get here and I can honestly tell you that if I am the right coach for you and YOU do the work, you’ll blow your whole world right open.

If you are thinking about changing jobs, in the middle of a job change and freaking out, or just want to see what the heck is up with this crazy sound change business, I offer any potential client a one time complimentary 30 minute session to see what we can see.

Hating your job or just keeping one to please your mama? Click here. I dare ya.