Meet The Coach


Meet The Coach

With more than two decades of leadership and management experience in the business and educational arenas, Stephanie is a skilled consultant, business strategist, training specialist, professional coach, educator, curriculum designer, event manager, and speaker. Having spent a good portion of her early adulthood working in a management position in the world of direct marketing, she was accountable for creating sound structures to support seven account representatives serving more than 500 clients.

Stephanie has  has operated as a small business owner for over a decade. After transitioning from the business sector early in her career, Stephanie transitioned smoothly into the world of education and coaching. For ten years she worked simultaneously in educational leadership while being an active consultant, coach and training specialist working in a variety of industries including but not limited to marketing, technology, public relations, education, hospitality, gaming, tribal-owned businesses and tribal government, retail, non-profit, healthcare, and with dozens of entrepreneurs running their own show.

After over 10 years of coaching, Stephanie found that most of her clients were coming to her for career guidance. In 2014, she specifically compiled all of her expertise in this area, along with her knowledge of Human Resources practices to launch Sound Change Career Coaching. Sound Change is committed to helping individuals make bold and smart career moves that fit their personality, work style, and financial needs.

Stephanie also combines her corporate and educational experience in her private business consulting firm which supports professionals and organizations in the field of business and organizational development providing a wide variety of services including strategic consulting, training and development, coaching, project and event management, instructional design and marketing strategy.

While located in the NY Metro area, Stephanie also serves as the VP of Executive Coaching Practice with Purpose & Performance Group out of Tulsa, OK.  in partnership with HR leaders, she developers and delivers comprehensive coach skill training initiatives. Her commitment is for leaders and managers to use coaching to develop team members and retain top talent.

Stephanie is an accomplished speaker, having presented to over 300+ Professional coaches at the 2017 Global International Coach Federation (ICF) conference on methods in career coaching.

Stephanie also served as the founder and executive director of Get Smart Mentoring, a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to train and develop young women personally and professionally. She mentored an international virtual intern team who is accountable to create engaging online content to foster the leadership development of young women.

Stephanie received her professional coaching certification from New York University, and is also certified at the ACC level with the International Coaching Federation. With a BS in counseling, Stephanie has an MA in Social & Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.



Why Stephanie Licata?

Why Me? This is me talking now. I think my story is actually better than my standard third person bio. Here’s a few highlights. Find yourself wherever you’d like.

  • I made two successful adventurous career changes, one in my 20’s and one in my 30’s. I paid attention to every aspect of the human experience associated with those changes and I remember everything…seriously.
  • At age 35 I felt something gnawing in me – – a frustration that I needed to solve. While walking along the Hudson River I looked across and saw the buildings near Columbia University. I ran home and applied. I got in. I studied Social and Organizational Psychology to understand what motivates people, change, and groups of people to change. I listened.
  • While at Columbia I left my 10-year career in education, transitioned back into the business sector, and started a non-profit young women’s mentoring organization with one of my former students.
  • While doing all of this I saved money. I made changes. I took calculated informed risks. I didn’t just “manifest” everything. I worked hard. Sure serendipity hit me in the eye a few times but GRIT carried me.
  • I don’t know everything, but I know a lot of stuff. I care. I mean it. Like my dad said to me one day “You at 50% is still more than most people’s 100.” My clients inspire me to rock the 110 %.
  • I’m an actual coach, I don’t just play one on the internet (So important!). Being an inspiring person does not make someone a coach. A coach is a trained professional who has practiced hours of actual coaching and been adequately trained in the art, science, and process of coaching. This is totally separate from cheerleading. Cheerleading is a sport where happy people clap and jump for you. I’ll clap, but not jump.
  • I’m also a practiced small business consultant. If entrepreneurship winds up being your game, awesome. I’ve consulted and coached in the following industries: retail, IT, event management, education, marketing, media, retail, coaching, behavioral health, non-profit management, fundraising, and beyond. I’ve worked EVERYWHERE!
  • I’m not special because I did any of this. I wasn’t born on “special people island.” What’s possible for me is possible for you in your OWN way in your OWN time. I get scared. I get stopped. I wonder about how I am going to face uncertainty. Human being is the name of the game we are playing and you got this, you do! Seriously. I am a coach because I believe that.