6 Steps to Job Search Success: A Job Seeker's Guide

Is Job Searching Driving You...CRAZY?


You are more than qualified and drowing in a sea of job postings. You are tired of getting no response from hiring managers and recruiters. 

What if you could get a STEP-BY-STEP map that takes the MYSTERY and FRUSTRATION out of job searching?

Make job searching simpler. Period.

26-page downloadable fill-in PDF: $9.99

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“Stephanie's information guided me into updating my LinkedIn account of which since then, my ranking has increased and I’ve had recruiters reaching out to me on a weekly basis. Stephanie’s guidance didn’t help me make the right career decision, it helped me make the smart career decision.  She was very thorough and always has great analogies to help illustrate her viewpoints. " 

Sarah- Global Project Manager

A Word From The Author: Stephanie Licata, M.A., A.C.C.

“I love supporting people in taking the SUFFERING out of job searching. I know that job searching can be one of the most demoralizing processes. You feel like your resume is going into the abyss and you wonder why no one gets back to you (How rude!). Family and loved ones seem to not understand how difficult the job search process is.  You don't have to go it alone.  I have used my 6-step system to coach hundreds of clients through my company, SoundChange Coaching. 

BONUS: I am also a Human Resources professional and former recruiter. I'll give you the inside scoop on how to win during the job search process. For the cost of 2 trips to Starbucks,  get CLOSER to the job that has YOUR name on it!" 

26-page downloadable fill-in PDF $9.99