About YOU!


About You!

about-you-mediumMost websites think you really care “ABOUT US.” Now I am sure you are a great person, but the truth is, you care ABOUT YOU. If you landed here chances are there is something you are searching for professionally. You may have a clear idea about it, you have NO idea about it. But I have an idea about you! Yes I know that’s my picture over there (wow – don’t I look like I mean business? ha!) , but I’m looking at you, because the truth is….

I Know You

You are a frustrated genius. You’ve got something burning inside you to be expressed professionally. You might already be in the midst of a change and need a little guidance, or planning a return to the workforce.

“You don’t want to give up that nice job?”

“You want to go back to work after raising kids? Relax a little!”

“What do you mean you don’t want to be an accountant anymore?”
“Start your own business? Isn’t that a little crazy?”

You believe in the law of attraction but you are also smart enough to know that you can’t just sit inside manifesting, thinking your dreams fulfilled are going to knock on your door. Practical magic is your game.

You can envision a professional dream but realize the importance of seeing the road it’s going to take to get there. You are grounded in some aspect of reality that every result had a journey attached to it.

You might be a parent who’s taken time off to run a household and now you need to resurrect the smart, talented, amazing YOU! Activities that don’t involve spit up, sippy cups, and small snacks packed in a cheerio container excite you! Your kids are your heart and soul but you are missing yourself right now. You don’t remember how awesome, talented, and qualified you are and you need some reminding!

testimonial-jeannine_bushYou are a lifelong learner. Whether you’ve studied at top universities, your local community college, or at the school of hard knocks: you know true grit and hard work is not a thing if the past. You’re not afraid of thinking and doing the work — it excites you.

You either have a job you are tired of, a career you are dreaming of, or you are in the midst of a career change and need clarity.  Maybe you don’t want a job at all you want a career that is your passion. It could be a total 180 degree move you are trying to make or help navigate, a new business you want to start, or just a new industry you want to break into. Whatever it is, CHANGE is calling your name. Change freaks us out especially if we do it alone. It’s ok, it happens to all of us.

If you thought “Wow that is me!” at least once, come on over. I promise it will rock…because you already do. Find out how to work with me. Let’s do this.