About us


We're a Little Different

The mission of Sound Change is to  dramatically increase the number of professionally self-expressed people on the planet.

about-usWe do this through coaching, events, thought provoking content, and engaging with awesome human beings. We hate cookie cutter. We do SMART and SOUND change (i.e. not quitting your job without thinking when you have 2 kids and a mortgage because you were “in the moment”). We believe there are no gurus. Sound change exists on the premise that YOU are the guru of your life. When we defer to someone’s “Top 5 tips for having a great life or career” we just got LISTACLED (the process by which we are made starry eyed over a top 5 list blog as if it will solve all of our problems!)

We believe coaching is NO JOKE and your life and career are precious. An experienced coach is these three things: Motivational, Educational, and Consultative. They can tell the difference between an excuse or an intelligent person taking a calculated risk.

You have bills to pay or a family to support. You have emotionally stability to preserve. You must take RISKS, but you are aware of the REALITY of a mortgage payment you can’t just ignore. You want adventure, but sans heart attack. You’ve heard stories of people who up an quit their jobs but that’s not for you…or it could be! Each person is different, and at Sound Change we honor the fact that there is actually only one human being on the planet exactly like you. The 21st century is calling for us to master the art of reinvention. It can be EXCITING even when it feels scary. We have your back.

We don’t have you JUST “envision” some fantasy end result. Do you need a vision? YES. Our difference, we tell it to you straight so you can make realistic, yet challenging goals. We’ll help you create a path that you can actually SEE yourself doing. We’ll arrive at an aha moment together and use that as your inspiration: that moment will create innovation and change.

It's Entirely Customizable

We take into account:

  • Your personality & learning style
  • How you respond to fear
  • Your current skill set
  • Financial reality & current responsibilities
  • Your passion
  • Your ideal work environment
  • Your process of reflection
  • The ART & SCIENCE of change!
What you can expect:

  • We’ll assess your change readiness
  • Ability to articulate your professional strengths with Clarity and CONFIDENCE
  • A road map for MULTIPLE paths to fulfillment that is SOUND and responsible
  • Courage to speak to loved ones about what you want to do professionally.
  • Freedom to PLAY and EXPLORE in your self-designed professional playground