I recently posted a lengthy thought on Facebook about leaving toxic situations or relationships. I got so much feedback, comments, and private messages, I felt compelled to share this with others as it relates to one’s professional life.

If you find yourself in a toxic work environment that is affecting your health, well-being and sense of self, there is only one solution – SELF-IMPOSED FREEDOM. The struggle is in getting to the place where you believe in yourself enough to set yourself free.

My original post:

I am totally going to share one of those cryptic posts, only because I can’t yet find the words to express how ridiculously happy I am after making a recent decision. I always believe that our lives are not random, and that they serve a purpose for others besides ourselves.

RUN AWAY from toxic situations. RUN. Don’t make excuses or rationalize. Observe your body and how you feel, eat, sleep and think. People and situations that are toxic are what they are. But we always have a choice. We need to be responsible for WHY we continually rationalize and accept toxicity. There is not one single solitary human being on this earth that get their toxic garbage on you unless you truly invite them in.

Do NOT be fooled by moments of seemingly normal behavior. That is part of the toxic dance. “Let me fool you for a minute so you can justify this toxic behavior I will display in a few weeks.”

Though it is said that hurt people hurt others – empathize with the people who treat you with respect, kindness and appreciation. The trouble is, those of us that are good with empathy will often even empathize with the toxic person. Our desire to see any fiber of good that we can find will be our reason for tolerating absurd situations.

More excitement and awesomeness to come but for any person who is waiting to break away from ANY toxic environment. RIP the Band-Aid off and just do it. Your future happy self will totally thank you.

Are you wondering if your job or boss is toxic?

We often rationalize perks of certain jobs to put up with unacceptable behavior. Maybe you have flexible work hours or a short commute. Regardless, you owe it to yourself to be honest and admit the impact your work environment has on you.

Take a few moments and review these 11 signs that your job, or boss is toxic.

  1. Your boss is demeaning, embarrasses you or others in the presence of other co-workers or has no ability to tolerate minor mistakes.
  2. Your boss or co-workers blame their own mistakes and shortcomings on you, even when you have not participated in whatever went wrong.
  3. Your boss or co-workers expect you to do things, without asking, that are not part of your job, and then berate you if these mysterious things are not done.
  4. You are demanded to work beyond your scheduled hours and are scared to ask for time off.
  5. Polices and procedures change like the wind according to a manager or supervisor’s whim.
  6. Certain employees at the same level as you or below are afforded extra perks or special treatment.
  7. You consistently go above and beyond and are rarely thanked or acknowledged.
  8. You are provided little support, feedback or direction in your role and only hear from your boss or manager when something is wrong.
  9. You find yourself stressed, exhausted and even depressed at times and dread going to work.
  10. Your boss or co-workers engage in inappropriate, invasive or sexual conversations with you.
  11. You are in counseling because of the emotional or psychological distress you experience at work.

How many of these statements resonated with you? Was it 3 or 4? Perhaps it was 6 or 7. Maybe it was all of them.

I know, I know you have bills. You might be a single parent or feel drained by the thought of getting a new job. I never advise people to leave jobs unless they have the financial means to. You do not have to walk out of your job today. You do owe it to yourself to believe that there is something else out there for you. Get your resume ready, start searching and networking. Take small steps towards freeing yourself from the toxic work environment that steals a piece of your soul each day.

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